Since the establishment of the factory in 1995, DAFA has adhered to the goal of satisfying customer`s needs, committed to the improvement and innovation of production technology and equipment,pursued excellent product quality,established and improved quality and environmental management system, and made quality products and the dedicated service has won the trust and support of our customers, and our products have greatly expanded from the domestic market to the international market and exported to Europe and the United States.
On the stage of career development, we have made a big step forward and stepped down the enterprise's primary development journey. DAFA has the performance of today, thanks to the party's policies ,support from government , trust from the customers, the love of all aspects of society and the colleagues in the line of chemical fiber business . Our corporate tenet is" Everyone Develop in DAFA", that is "Enterprise  Development,   Staff  Development,  Nation  Development, Society Development and Partner Development. "  Here, on behalf of DAFA, I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the customers and the community who support our development and sincerely wish everyone a good fortune!  In order to get a better future of DAFA, we have formulated a new round of vision planning, and determined the corporate tenet of "Creating Wealth, Caring Society, Protecting Environment" and corporate philosophy of " Sincerity, Practical, Devotion & lnnovation".
DAFA people will create more and more exciting development miracles with the goal of creating first-class enterprises and expanding global markets.On the new development path, we hope to continue to provide users with high-quality, efficient and comprehensive services. At the same time, we need to get everyone's help and support. We will work together with you to make progress and create a better future.